New Account Registration

How to register a new account on New Account Registration

Registration Page

  • Click Register (upper left-hand corner of
new account1
  • Click
new account2
  • Complete form shown below
  • If desired, check Yes to receive promotions and exclusive offers and add email address.

Individual Registration (B2C)


  • To utilize many of the features available on the website, such as shopping lists, managing profile or address book, and accessing order history, an account is needed.
  • This registration method should be used for customers who DO NOT have any of the following*:
    • Purchase Order Privileges with Carolina
    • Tax Exemption
    • Contract Pricing
  • * For customers who have one of the above, please see the Institution (B2I) section of this document.


  • After completing form, click No for the question below:
  • Click
  • You will receive the following notice and can begin shopping:

Institution (B2I) Registration with Account #


  • In order to make purchases on Carolina and realize the prearranged benefits with your organization and Carolina, such as Purchase order acceptance and payment terms, tax exemption, and pricing discounts, the user must create an account
  • This registration method should be used for customers who have at least one of the following:
    • Purchase Order Privileges (usually Net 30)
    • Tax Exemption
    • Contract Pricing


  • After completing form, click Yes for the question below.
new account3
  • Click
  • Now the online account must be linked to the school/organizations account in JDE
    • The billing account in JDE must contain one or more of Net 30 terms, Tax exemptions or Contract pricing in order to qualify for account linkage
  • Plug in your billing account number and click
  • The billing account information will appear in red
  • If the info is correct, click
  • You will receive the following note when account creation is successful:
  • If the account number is invalid or the account does not have either Net 30 terms, Tax exemption or Contract pricing, you will receive the following error message:
new account4

Institution (B2I) without Billing Account Number


  • You now have the option to complete your registration even if you do not know their billing account number with Carolina. Our team members will use the information provided below to link you to your institution’s account.


  • At the bottom of the school/organization registration page, you will see a form to register without you account number.
  • Once you've completed the form, click
  • The following message will then pop up: 

NB 05/10/2023

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