How to Access Order & Tracking History via Complete Order History

How to use Order History

How to Access Order & Tracking History via Complete Order History

  • To access order & tracking history, you must be logged into
  • Once logged in click on My Account:  
my account 3
  • Select Order History:
order history2
  • From here, past ONLINE orders can be viewed in the "Online Order History" section
  • Next select Complete Order History
  • You can search for your past orders (s) by using the filters:

Serch Criteria


    picture 3

    Search Criteria-use one or all of the following:

    • Order Number – Carolina order number
    • Purchase Order – Purchase Order Number
    • Ship to (ship to name)
    • Choose a date range

    Note – If using any of these criteria, the corresponding box on the left must be selected in order to return results and cannot be used in combination with one another.

    After setting up you search criteria, click filter

    Search Results

    • Order information will be displayed in Search Results section

    Search results can be sorted by clicking on any of the header links at the top of the of the search results table (i.e. by order number, purchase number, order date,

    • To view order details, click link for the desired order number
    • To export table to Excel or a PDF click on the appropriate link in the bottom right-hand corner
    picture 4

    Order Detail

    • After clicking an order number link, order info will be divided between billing (top), shipping/tracking (bottom left), and items ordered (bottom right).
    • Please note, invoice copies can be obtain from the order detail screen by clicking on the Invoice Number link which always starts with RI.
    order detail


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