Web Checkout FAQs

Web Checkout FAQs

Web Checkout FAQs

Shipping and Delivery

Q: Can I provide Carolina specific delivery instructions?  

A: We appreciate your willingness to help in the delivery process. We are not able to communicate to carrier or driver specific information or instructions about delivering your packages.

Q: I need my order on a specific day or time of day, what can Carolina do?
A: Once your order is picked up by the carrier, we are out of the loop. There is nothing we can do to guarantee a specific day or time of day for delivery. We recommend ordering with as much advance time as you can. We do offer overnight shipping as an option. This has a higher probability of timeliness by the carrier.

Q: Can you hold my order and ship later?
A: Yes! During the checkout process you can access the calendar where you can select a delivery date in the future. If you do not future date your order, we will ship all in stock items promptly.

Q: Will you ship my order right away?

A: Yes. If the item is in stock and non-perishable and you have not selected an arrival date in the future. We do our best to ship right away. We have items that require special handling and preparation for shipment. That can pose a slight delay. We also have living and delicate items that only ship on specific days, to ensure their viability. Expected arrival dates are clearly noted during the checkout process.

Q: Will Carolina notify me when my order is delivered?

A: You will be emailed when your order ships. We provide the tracking number for you. You can contact the carrier and sign up for status reports. We do not provide delivery confirmation currently.

Packing and Packaging

  • As a standard practice we have the appropriate markings on the outside of the package. "Fragile" "Live Materials" "Refrigerate" etc.
  • We are careful to pack all items upright that warrant it. We cannot guarantee that will be maintained during the shipping process.
  • Caps have a built-in liner to help prevent leakage during shipment. Chemical caps are taped after sealing if required by DOT

Q: I recently placed another order; can you combine them?

A: Orders are completely independent from one another. Carolina has multiple facilities. For that reason, we cannot combine orders. Orders might not be coming from the same Carolina warehouse location.

Q: I have multiple items on my order, can you make sure it ships in one package?

A: We cannot guarantee that all items ship in one package. All items on your order might not be in the same Carolina warehouse building or physical Carolina fulfillment location. It is also possible that the packing materials needed for certain items might make it not possible to combine certain products.

Q: What paperwork comes in my package?

A: Most orders come with a packing list. Invoices or receipts are NOT included in your order.

Q: Can I include a gift message for my order?
A: At this time Carolina does not currently offer gift messaging to be included in orders.

Q: Will you provide care and handling instructions in my package?

A: Yes, we include specific special instructions on what to do immediately to care for plants and animals. When you receive your order confirmation by email, it will also have links to any applicable care and handling information for your items.

Living Organism Care Information | Carolina.com
(M)SDS - (Material) Safety Data Sheets | Carolina.com

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