CSO FAQ – Google Classroom Assignments

CSO FAQ – Google Classroom Assignments

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FAQ – Google Classroom Assignments

Q: What do Google Classroom assignments do?

A: Put simply, they share resources from Carolina Science Online with students in Google Classroom.

Q: How do I create Google Classroom assignments on Carolina Science Online?

A: Click the Google Classroom button on each resource. Google Classroom will take it from there.

Q: Do I need to enable pop-ups?

A: Yes, both student and teacher will need to allow Carolina Science Online pop-ups to utilize CSO resources.

Here are helpful support links for popular browsers:

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Block or allow pop-ups in Chrome - Computer - Google Chrome Help

Pop-up blocker settings, exceptions and troubleshooting | Firefox Help (mozilla.org)

Change Websites preferences in Safari on Mac - Apple Support

Search results for 'allow pop ups in edge' - Microsoft Support

Q: Where do I review/grade assignments?

A: Student work is available on Carolina Science Online (CSO). Visit ‘Assignments’ after you sign in to explore available assignments.

Q: Can I assign more than 1-resource at a time?

A: No, currently each resource must be assigned separately.

Q: Do my students have to login to a separate service/application?

A: No, students open the resource from Google Classroom for immediate access. *Note: This feature does require the use of pop-ups.              

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