Distance Learning Lab Kit FAQs

Distance Learning Lab Kit FAQs

Distance Learning Lab Kit FAQs


Q: How much does it cost to ship lab kits?

A: Carolina Distance Learning kits have a flat rate shipping charge of $19.00 for all domestic destinations. Shipping to international addresses (including Canada and Mexico) requires additional time and may incur added shipping expenses. If your students require their kit to be shipped to an international address, please have them contact DistanceLearning@Carolina.com with the school, course number, and shipping address.


Q: Can lab kits be returned?

A: Carolina Distance Learning science kits are specially designed to meet individual course requirements. The kits are produced to meet specific learning objectives as prescribed by the college or university and are not returnable.


Q: Can Financial aid be used to purchase lab kits?

A: We can provide your school bookstore with kit vouchers that enable students to use financial aid for kit purchases. See our kit vouchers FAQ page for details.


Q: Are the labs safe?

A: The chemicals in our kits are safe for use outside of traditional labs. We have tested each investigation for safety and reliability in a home setting to ensure student safety and success. Kits also come with the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) to implement safety precautions while performing these labs in the home.


Q: Will students need to have special equipment on hand when performing the labs?

A: No, almost all of the equipment necessary for completing the labs is included with the kits. Students need only provide small everyday household items, such as tape and paper clips.


Q: How do students dispose of kit materials?

A: The lab manuals include instructions on how to dispose of kit materials properly.


Q: Do the labs produce reliable results for students?

A: Yes, they do. The kits have been tested in a home setting to ensure reliability and repeatability. They produce results comparable to those produced in a traditional lab.


Q: How do your lab kits compare to traditional labs?

A: Our distance learning labs address the same learning outcomes that traditional labs do, and they generate similar results. We based our labs on experiments performed in traditional lab settings to provide a safe, reliable, and rigorous experience for your students.


Q: How do your distance learning labs compare to traditional labs in terms of rigor?

A: Our distance learning labs are designed to be just as rigorous as those completed in a traditional lab setting.

To ensure our labs are as rigorous as on-campus labs, we subscribe to Quality Matters™ to have them independently reviewed and certified. Our goals are "focused on ensuring the highest levels of student learning, interaction, and engagement." See this article to learn more.


Q: Do you ship kits internationally?

A: More than 95% of our investigations are easily exportable and can be shipped via USPS®, UPS®, DHL®, or FedEx®. Carolina Distance Learning® is not responsible for international shipping costs; however, upon request, items that require special export considerations will be identified during the quote process. We will provide a quote, upon request, including shipping/handling fees, prior to your ordering. Please note that this will not include in-country VAT.

If your students need their kits shipped internationally, have them contact DistanceLearning@Carolina.com with their school name, course number, and the address they want the kit shipped to.