Getting Started with Distance Learning FAQs

Getting Started with Distance Learning FAQs

Getting Started with Distance Learning FAQs


Q: How do I get started in distance learning?

A: Check out our Free Resources section for articles, videos, and infographics
to help you get started. For one-on-one help, contact a Distance Learning Specialist.


Q: Can I get a sample kit to evaluate?

A: Of course! Request your sample kit here.


Q: Can I customize a kit to align with my syllabus?

A: Yes, that’s one of the benefits of using our kits. Contact a Distance Learning Specialist to build a custom kit featuring investigations aligned with your syllabus or submit your syllabus here.


Q: What are my kit options?

A: We offer several types of kits:

Design Your Own Kits (DYO) are customizable, allowing you to select the investigations you wish to include. Kits are available for the following disciplines: allied health, anatomy and physiology, biology, chemistry, environmental science, geology, microbiology, forensics, and physics.

Ready to Ship Kits (RTS) are pre-designed kits that meet the most demanding college learning objectives and are ready to ship to your students. These college-level kits cover the most frequently taught science concepts and simplify your course design. Select any of the 24 kits covering 9 different subjects—all available for timely delivery.

Essentials Kits are designed to provide a hands-on lab course, while keeping cost in mind. Focusing on chemistry, biology, microbiology, and anatomy & physiology, these kits provide a rigorous lab experience with 3+ hands-on experiments and a library of digital labs.


Q: What ordering options are available for lab kits?

A: We provide two convenient ways for students to order their kits. Once your kit requirements are finalized, you can choose one or both of the following options to enable your students to order and receive their kits:

  • Online ordering—We create a custom landing page on our website to welcome your students and make it easy for them to find the kit, add it to their shopping cart, and check out using a credit card. The kit is shipped directly to the student.
  • Bookstore ordering—We send your school bookstore a predetermined quantity of kit vouchers, so it does not need to stock the actual kits. Students purchase the vouchers from the bookstore, allowing them to use financial aid when available, and redeem the vouchers on our website. The kits are shipped directly to students.

Review the options here and then decide which one would work best for your students.


Q: How do I get a lab kit that meets my objectives?

A; Simply submit your syllabus to one of our Distance Learning Specialists and they will help you match our investigations with your learning objectives


Q: What does the whole process look like—from design to complete course?

A: For a quick overview of the process, have a look at this infographic.


Q: How can I convince my administrators to be on board with this?

A: By supporting your position with some convincing facts and figures. This infographic is a good place to start. If you need further help convincing your administrators, feel free to email us or phone us at 866-332-4478 to schedule a virtual presentation/webinar with our Distance Learning Team.


Q: What if my administration is forcing me to take my class online?

A: We can help you get up to speed quickly with one of our Tailored Workshops. The workshop can be held on your campus or ours, or online via Zoom. Contact us today to schedule your customized workshop.


Q: How do my students know how to conduct each step of the lab?

A: Our lab manuals are specifically designed to guide students working independently at home, so they’re very thorough and easy to follow. Here’s a sample.


Q: Once I have a proposal, when will it expire?

A: Proposals are good for up to 90 days; after 90 days, the original quote may be adjusted.


Q: Does Carolina Distance Learning® have a liability policy that covers my students while they are completing the labs in their homes?

A: Yes, we have a liability policy covering students while they are completing our labs in their homes.


Q: How should I be thinking about academic integrity and cheating?

A: Be proactive about addressing these topics. Start by reading this article. It offers some great tips for maintaining academic integrity and preventing cheating in your online class.


Q: What are some of the ways in which I need to support my students with the lab component?

A: Engagement is critical. Look here for some practical tips on keeping students engaged and successful. Nearly all of our lab manuals currently include a Supplemental Materials Document designed to provide you with a variety of additional content and resources to expand the investigations you are already using and engage students. In fall 2020, all manuals will include them.


Q: I’ve never taught a lab course online. What do I need to know?

A: How to get lab equipment and materials to your students should be on your short list. Click here for a quick explanation of how we work with you to provide safe, quality at-home lab kits to your students.


Q: Why should I be interested in online science classes?

A: Have a look at this infographic. It examines the facts and figures behind distance learning’s phenomenal growth—and why your institution should be a part of it.