How do I see the "teacher side" of Gateway?

How do I see the "teacher side" of Gateway?

How do I see the "teacher side" of Gateway?


  • Log in to your course in your learning management system (LMS). 
  • Click on the Carolina Science Online tool from the list of content available to you in the left side menu. This will open a new tab that takes you to your home page on the CSO website. 
    • If this tool is not visible, go to “Settings” then the “Navigation” tab and make the tool visible on your teacher dashboard. 
    • Your LMS administrator may have named the tool something other than what is given in these directions. 
  • The first time you access CSO through your course, it will ask you to log in with your LMS credentials. You will not need to take this step in subsequent sessions. 
  • You will arrive at the home page of your CSO teacher account. From here you can view your Gateway products and assignments. Navigate using the icons on the far left of the browser window. 



The home page of your CSO teacher account features all the investigations and other materials in your Gateway product. 

  • Click on a product thumbnail to see the resources inside. These resources include lab manuals you can assign to students and instructor keys for your eyes only. 
  • If there are many resources in the product, such as in the Virtual and Dry Lab Library, use the Search bar at the top of the window to find resources by title. 



The Assignments section lists all the assignments you have created in CSO. Clicking on an assignment opens an assignment dashboard where you can view the progress of your class as a whole, as well as the progress and submission status of specific students. The gradebook for the assignment is shown in the bottom half of the dashboard. Here, you can see student work and enter grades that automatically pass back to the gradebook in your LMS. 


Gateway lab manuals look the same regardless of the user type (student, instructor, LMS administrator). Currently, instructors do not have any way of modifying or customizing the lab manual content.