Carosafe Disposal

Can Carosafe be safely disposed of by pouring it down the drain?

Carolina’s Perfect Solution® and Carosafe® specimens are not classified as federal hazardous waste nor are they biohazards. Therefore, in most cases, they can be disposed of as regular waste destined for a landfill or incinerator. Specimens should be double-bagged and sealed before being placed in the trash.

Extra holding fluids are not considered hazardous wastes and can usually be discarded down the drain into the sanitary sewer system. However, if your school or home has a septic tank system, ask an administrator or expert before you dispose of the fluids as they could upset the microbial balance that is vital to a septic system.

Although Carolina specimens and their holding fluids are not hazardous wastes or biohazards under federal and almost all state regulations, you should always check with your local solid waste or wastewater authority before disposing of them. This may mean contacting the local government office that oversees waste disposal, the local landfill, your waste disposal company, or the local wastewater treatment plant. Check with your school or university safety officer for any disposal guidelines.