Butterflies Questions

Butterflies most FAQs


1. Can I refrigerate the larva to slow down their growth?

We do not recommend refrigerating the larvae as it leads to increased mortality in our experience


2. My butterflies laid eggs. How can I keep the caterpillars alive?

Food is required for raising Painted lady caterpillars to the adult stage.

Suitable host plants include mallow, hollyhock, thistle, daisy, purple coneflower, black-eyed susan, and Rudbeckia. Keep in mind that if a large number of caterpillars are present, many host plants will be required to sustain them to the chrysalis stage. Please note that once larvae begin feeding on plants, they may not accept our food medium.

If they do not have a large number of host plants available, we recommend our artificial medium, item https://www.carolina.com/butterfly-habitats/painted-lady-butterfly-culture-medium-2-cups-16-oz/144040.pr

Each cup contains about 33 portions of food--- enough calories to raise 33 larvae to maturity.


3-My butterfly has a crumpled or wrinkled wing. Is there anything I can do to fix it?

Once butterflies have emerged from their chrysalis, they fill and spread their wings. If the wings harden in a crumpled position, the deformity will be permanent. In most cases, survival is possible, but the butterfly will not be as active. Offer sliced banana or orange as a food source to provide easier access to these individuals.

4- How long will my adult butterflies live?

Normal life span is 2-4 weeks.