Exploring the CRISPR-Cas Defense System Kit

Which bacteria strain is used for the Crispr kit?

The E. coli strain used for the CRISPR kit is a ß-Galactosidase-Deficient E. coli strain.

The bacteria used in the 211772 Crispr kit is the epidermidis. There is three different strains used.  They are LM 1680, LM 104A and LM 104B.  Epidermidis is classified as nonpathogenic and can be shipped to schools in accordance with guidelines of the US Department of Health and Human Services. However, the strains used in this kit are biofilm forming bacteria that have been identified as resistant to several antibiotics. Use of an autoclave to dispose of microbiological waste is recommended. Refer to the kit teacher's manual for safety precautions, handling, and other safety protocols.